Friday, July 27, 2007


What to say? This totally cracks me up: YouDeparted: Secure electronic safe deposit box accessible anywhere 24/7.

Pass on messages, instructions, and final wishes. Templates walk you through collecting the essentials:

* Assets, liabilities, insurance, wills and estate plans.
* Locations + copies of essential documents.
* All of your online account information.
* Private messages with pictures, audio, and videos.
* Funeral arrangements, people to contact.

Looks to me like the third and fourth bullets would have direct relevance to your post digital life. Fortunately, I have already declared how I would like my digital assets distributed through my Twitter proclamations earlier this week. I have also proclaimed that I will not be sending y'all any messages from the grave.

If any of you are thinking of sending a message after the big event can you please do me a favor and remove me from your distribution list? Receiving messages from the afterlife (futurelife) needs to be on an opt-in basis only. Hmmm, a new Lifehacker post on digital afterlife etiquette? Deadiquette?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you have ever had anybody pass away where you had to handle their affairs? Without good information, it takes a long time to settle an estate. This would make it much easier.

Kevin Gamble said...

Sure, and I do have my own house in order. My snarkiness in this instance is reserved for the initial comments in the wikihow article (early in the thread) related to notifying your friends, etc.

My closest social network will not need to receive something from me after the fact. I plan to say everything that needs to be said before I leave this earth.

Anonymous said...

I think this site would just make it easier to organize everything.