Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whopper(s) of the Week: Chris Kelly of Facebook

I saw this article featuring Chris Kelly, Facebook's chief privacy officer on CNET: It's no secret: Facebook's allure is its privacy and thought, "What a crock of spin and outright lies." Which led me to add a new feature, The Whopper of the Week, aka WotW. There were so many good whoppers in this article that I couldn't stick to just one:

Privacy is beginning to transform from the classic 'right to be left alone' to this notion that 'I want control over my information.'

Who better to do that for you than Facebook? If the users were in control they would let you take your information out of Facebook, which of course they do not. Privacy in this context means that you have to totally trust Facebook to protect your private information.

We have tried to take a very control-based approach for our users, so Facebook information doesn't leak out on the Web in general.

They are the walled-garden of walled-gardens. I had this to say about Facebook's architecture of control before, "The plan is to build in-world services so that the inhabitants never have to leave. It sure looks to me like the Web equivalent of the PUD."

In a trusted environment you share more.

Especially if they force you to share: Facebook's new Friendster moment.

There is an opportunity to target advertising, as long as you keep that trusted environment.

Translation: we can mine your personal information and sell it to people who want to sell to you. This is completely about making money, monitizing your personal information, and not about privacy.

Stay tuned: We are all about user control.


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