Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What's wrong with the iPhone

This is my attempt at a list of things that suck about the iPhone. The list is purely an attempt on my part to encourage waiting until January to make the purchase. This will be a dynamic list, and I will continue to flesh-it-out as additional sucky things occur to me:

Okay, I'm tapped-out. I thought about adding "no VoIP - they crippled it!" but isn't that the same as #1? Want to help me with additional items?


Unknown said...

Good luck Kevin, you can always complain about the limited functionality- but everything is so cohesive that I think your current list covers teh negatives pretty well. So many smart-phone users have sour grapes- but they should know- it's all in the interface.

Anonymous said...

I worried about all the shortcomings before I bought one. Now that I have it I am amazingly impressed. It's the best phone I've ever owned and Safari over EDGE is much better than Verizon's Mobile Web over *any* speed network.

Yes, EDGE is not as fast as 3G or WiFi and more speed is always better but it's really not as bad as people made me think. I was out the other day and looked up a pizza place, got directions and called to place an order all from a parking lot with 4 bars and EDGE and it was very usable. Not once did I grumble at the wait. The widgets are perfect for this type of device since they deal with small amounts of data that travel well over a small bandwidth connection.

The most impressive thing for me is the integration. Get a link in email? Tap it and the iPhone opens Safari. Use Google Maps to look up any business and visit their web site or call them with one tap. Watching a YouTube video and want to email the URL to someone? One tap away...and did I mention being able to view Google Reader, live weather radar maps, live traffic, text, email, 3-way calling, all while listening to music.

Stop by and I'll show you how to make your wallet $600 + tax + $36 activation + ($59 * 24) lighter. Those dollar signs represent US dollars, not HEX so it's not as expensive as it could be ;-)


asbjornu said...

There's lots to add to the list, but how much they apply to you is highly subjective. I don't weigh it that high, but "no GPS", "no MMS" and "no undo/redo functionality" "no Java", "no 3G", "no (manually) replacable battery" and "no choice of mobile operator" are some of iPhone's shortcomings that you could add to the list.

Anonymous said...

Just from reading other reviews, you could also add the lack of any form of cut and paste in the UI, and the limited memory which makes it awkward for some folks to use it as an iPod replacement.

(8 Gigs is limited? I feel old. But I've seen multiple complaints that that isn't enough for some peoples' entire audio libraries, let alone video...)

Anonymous said...

You can poke holes in anything no matter how good it is - shortcomings are really not much of an argument against a computing device - things change too fast. Regarding the iPhone, there is no convincing those who already think they know what they think they know.