Saturday, July 14, 2007

What happens when only the journalism is left?

This sounds like a very interesting conference: Journalism That Matters. I might have to attend. I like the idea of stripping away everything and approaching it like nothing exists: no history, no power structure, no funding, no sacred cows -- what does the organization you build look like?

Pick an ideal location, and start a news organization from scratch, using the best-available technology and ideas, and without the obligations or burdens of legacy processes or infrastructure. Where will it be, what will it look like, who will own it, and how will it run.

Here's what the conference plans to accomplish:

Our key goal: In under 30 hours, we shall start a news organization from scratch.
  • Where will it be?
  • What will it look like?
  • Who will own it?
  • How will it run?

I could see an exercise like this being of great value to many of our most cherished institutions. Nothing like a good "what if?" exercise to get the juices flowing.


Unknown said...

Kevin, the idea having "what if" conversations would be beneficial for us. I've been thinking in these terms for awhile. In fact, the article Extension in Web 2.0 started out with my trying to answer the question, "If we knew we could not fail, what would our web presence look like". The original article had elements that would probably be surprising, possibly scary to some in our institutions. Thinking in these terms helps us from doing the same old things that may have be very good methods at one time, but are now not progressive, productive, and beneficial as other methods that are now available.

Face-to-face discussions and conversations would be much more appropriate and effective.

Kevin Gamble said...

It's that old classic definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

There is another face-to-face visioning meeting in the works. I hope this gives us a chance to really dig-in to how the world has changed since embarking on the current strategy.

Thank you for your comments. I know it goes without saying but we're definitely on the same page.