Friday, July 27, 2007

openID - who is going to make it happen?

I found this Dave Winer gem buried in the most unlikely of articles: What Twitter is

A relatively open identity system. I've said it before, Twitter or something like it, could be the holy grail of open identity. While the engineers of the tech industry have been, imho, looking at the problem the wrong way by trying to glue together the huge namespaces controlled by powerful companies who don't want to give up control. Twitter, with it's ultra-thin user interface, and light feature set, and simple API (more on that in a bit) and the nothing-to-lose attitude of its management, may be the breakthrough. Or it could be Facebook, with it's much larger user base and a management that also likes to roll the dice. The key is lots of users, a growing user base, and an API with no dead-ends.

We so need a major player, a site where everyone goes to play, to be an openID consumer. I'll put my money on Twitter being first, but think that Facebook's adoption would make a bigger impact.

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