Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hyperlocal - where's the beef?

I was reading about the failure of in the localization of news-- Down And Out In The 'Burbs: Turns out it's tough to make local work on the Web. Doug Caverly at WebProNews had this to say about the Backfence failure:

A lot of big companies - from Google to CNN - are interested in “going local,” and, to be honest, it seems that those companies have the money to do whatever they want. But “going local” isn’t easy...

I think most of us already knew that localization was a tough nut. Once before I asked a question about taxonomies, and for living-breathing examples of scalable taxonomic systems. I received not a single response.

Now I'm going to ask another question, can anyone point me to a national (non-local) entity that is coming anywhere close to doing hyperlocal right? I'm being quite serious, I would love to see some working examples that could be emulated. Do any such sites exist?


James E. Robinson, III said...

would craigslist, yelp or citysearch be considered hyperlocal? or meetup/eventful?

Kevin Gamble said...

These are very straight-forward single purpose database sites. Very true that they are making hyperlocal work, but what happens when 80% of your traffic comes from search engines? How then do you manage hyperlocal?