Monday, July 23, 2007

Handling your eventual online departure

Earlier today someone shared this Lifehacker article on planning for your digital afterlife, and it's had me in a tizzy ever since: Handle your online life after death

If you're active online, and don't want the people you interact with on the Web to be left in the dark after you pass away, then wikiHow's article on how to share the news of your death with online friends is well worth a read - and it's especially important for anyone who makes their living on the Web.

As you can imagine, what's got me so upset is that I have not done a single bit of planning whatsoever for the demise of my digital self. Playing catchup, I have spent the better part of the day posting twits bequeathing my digital assets to my most cherished acquaintances.

Now I'm wondering if I've been an idiot to trust Twitter to maintain my written wishes for eternity? So, to cover my assets I'm also going to capture the list here in my blog. After all, we know that Google keeps everything for time immemorial.

Without further ado, this is how I would like my most important digital assets to be distributed upon my death:

  • I leave all my inkles to @zozstate.
  • I leave my Technorati ranking (the old one) to @jasonadamyoung.
  • I leave my domain name and blogger acccount to @aafromaa. Please say you'll be my ghostwriter.
  • To @brittng I bequeath Riggs. Take good care of him:
  • To my most faithful reader (you know who you are), I leave full access rights to my Google Analytics account.
  • To @jerobins I leave my SL inventory, sans skins, which should be disposed of in the same manner as my avatars -- think en fuego!
  • And to my favorite peep I leave my Lindens. Take them out of world and get yourself something nice.

So you know, you will not be receiving one last sms, tweet, blog post, podcast, screencast, pagecast, email or any other form of communication after the fact. No need to be wondering if you're on the list...


Unknown said...

Classic K1V1N... which is why we love you soo much.. Promise to gamble your inklings wisely... it will be an honor.. zozstate

Kevin Gamble said...

Hehe. You seem to be doing pretty well with your own inkles. I'm going to have to get serious if I'm to leave you much of anything.

Glad you liked it.

Unknown said...

Very funny (and interesting) post...Not sure I can find interesting tidbits that you always seem to dig up...but I'll try. I am honored and humbled by the thought taking care of your domain name...besides even your new technorati ranking is better than mine.

John Dorner said...

I have just one question...

In all seriousness, how do those in your will go about claiming their inheritances? Will you be giving them your passwords before your demise?

Unless you know when you are leaving, you would need to share those now ;)

I've thought about this some, but still haven't figured out the best way to act upon it yet. Should I put all my passwords in a sealed envelope that will be opened after I die? How do I remember to update that document every time I change a password?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Kevin Gamble said...

@Anne - it's easy to find those tidbits. You just need to not have a life. It gets much easier once the kids leave the house. Hopefully I can hang-on until you have more free time. :)

@John - I have appointed an executor. :) In all seriousness, the wikihow article referenced in the Lifehacker article has some good advice.