Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fashion tips for the bar exam

Fashion is a new topic for me. I do watch What not to Wear on occasion, I have no choice, so I believe this makes me qualified to comment.

Anyway, I was reading Legal Andrews: 5 Lessons from the Bar Exam, and I couldn't help but comment on his first item:

1. Sneakers don’t go with a suit

Virginia is definitely stuck in the past. We all had to wear suits for both days of the exam. But to keep the noise down on the hard floor, we had to wear soft-soled shoes. For most people, this meant sneakers. Needless to say, we weren’t there for a fashion show.

Brooks Brothers + Nike = ridiculous

Au contraire Andrew! Your fellow law students were simply demonstrating their advanced fashion knowledge, and declaring that fashion compromises are totally unacceptable. After all, they had to know that there are faux men's dress shoes that come with rubber soles. Being future lawyers, from one of the most prestigious law schools in the nation, they also had to know that the only people allowed to actually wear rubber-soled dress shoes are mid-level government bureaucrats. Faced with the unpleasant choice of committing a fashion faux pas of the worst order, the students chose to make a statement. For this they demonstrate that they will make outstanding attorneys.

Fashion tip #1: When forced with making unacceptable fashion choices -- choose to make a statement.

My next fashion tip will be about the growing popularity of the man purse. Stay tuned!


Patrick Mueller said...

"the growing popularity of the man purse" ??? Crap. The only reason I use one is because they AREN'T popular!!

Kevin Gamble said...


That would make you the perfect person to sport a murse. I think you're going to like my post. :)


Floyd Davenport said...

Good tip. I think the only statement I've made is my age... according to my kids. I've seen "What Not to Wear" many times, like most reality shows it is both interesting and insulting all at the same time.