Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wrapping-up the Enterprise 2.0 conference

I've been following the twits and blog posts from the Enterprise 2.0 conference the last few days with great interest. I thought this article from Yahoo News was informative: Younger Workers Demanding Web 2.0 Tech On The Job

Moore then put up some IDC research numbers showing that 45% of companies have workers blogging, 43% use RSS feeds, and 35% of companies have employees using wikis.

What's interesting about that, according to Susan Feldman, VP of content technologies at IDC, is that the study also showed that IT managers and executives largely didn't know any of this was going on. She told InformationWeek that with Web 2.0 technologies increasingly becoming part of people's social lives, they will demand that it be part of their work lives, as well. And a lot of companies may have this new technology inside their firewalls that they simply don't know about.

It used to be that IT shops were charged with innovation and providing their organizations with a strategic advantage. Somewhere along the way they became the favs of the organizational control-freaks. Thank goodness these new tools are outside the IT shops sphere of influence. The only way to shut these tools down is to firewall the Web. No way that's going to happen. It's just a matter of time until these tools are pervasive.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention firewalling workers from the Web will be the primary use of Google Gears. It'll be used by our IT shops to keep workers from getting to those nasty distractions that are just a click away. So where organizations will never firewall their knowledge workers from the Web, have no doubt that it will be used for evil purposes by far too many. Maybe this should be a separate post?

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