Wednesday, June 27, 2007

QOTD: Dan Farber

From Dan Farber: Facebook for the Enterprise = Facebook. This qualifies as a must read on how our world is fixing to change...

I see a combination of Twitter and Facebook as having the potential to replace 90% of the email I receive while improving my personal productivity.

And a bonus quote:

...what’s happening is not about the CXOs of today but those of tomorrow and the armies of newly minted graduates who see email as clunky, phone use as idiotic and their work persona as an extension of their private lives.

Now if Facebook would just open-up. You can't be a little bit open. I know Facebook can't be stopped, so they can choose to be as evil as they want. BUT, all they need to do is make a couple of small changes, and instead of our having to bash, we could be praising and endorsing. Common FB-- make this easy for us!

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