Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone, arghhh this is hard

I've been trying to ignore the iPhone as my current plan with Verizon isn't up until January. I even said previously:

Personally, I don't think the impact of the iPhone will be that large. Not that the iPhone doesn't appear to be awesome in every way. I would love to have one. I won't be getting one, however, as I am locked into a contract with my current provider. Even if I wasn't, I don't see myself moving to AT&T any time soon. I don't see a mass migration to AT&T occurring just so people can get an iPhone.

But when I see reviews like this from people that I really respect I start to question my resolve: The iPhone Will (Really) Revolutionize Mobile

I'm by no means an Apple fanboy - if anything, I'm an Apple skeptic - but, I have to say, the iPhone is gonna be revolutionary, transformative, revolutionary.

First - and foremost - it utterly transforms browsing the net on a mobile from a cosmic pain, to something not just palatable, but deeply, deeply desirable. Something you don't just do when you have to - something you do because you want to. That's a sea change.

Arghh! I have to admit that I am developing a serious case of phone envy. Should we start a prediction market? Can I hold out until January? I'm thinking that will be next to impossible. I almost never talk on my phone but I do live on it when I am traveling. I would have no trouble whatsoever justifying the investment. So now I'm asking myself -- what's the cost to switch? Geez, I'd so much rather ignore this.


Unknown said...

Kevin - I hear you loud and clear. I'm having serious issues and I'm already an AT&T mobile subscriber. The thing that's holding me back is the EDGE Internet connection - i think it would drive me insane, and I have my laptop enough that I don't think the "use wifi instead" holds a lot of water with me, perhaps the same with you. Rumors say iPhone 2.0 rev will be coming out in January so it may be the perfect time to wait until...Good luck keeping your wallet closed.

Kevin Gamble said...

My spouse was quick to point out the new version coming in January. She pays no attention to these sorts of things so I am suspicious that she might have been doing some homework in anticipation of my predictable reaction.

The speed of the EDGE network is definitely an issue. I use the EVDO a lot and its speed is less than great. I would hate the thought of going backwards. I've seen several posts on the speed issues with the iPhone and it is most definitely sounding like an issue. Seeing things like that make waiting a tad more easy. :)

Unknown said...

also rev.2 is strongly rumored to have GPS :-)