Friday, June 29, 2007

Finding Twitter friends?

I've been thinking of making a Twitter screencast and have been wondering how to approach the "finding friends" question. I've watched several nubes get started with Twitter over the past couple of weeks. Every single one has asked "How do I find people?" I suggest to them that they start with my friends list, and then I point out a couple of people that are mutual friends. I then have them go to those people's list and repeat the process until they have at least eight friends. Which is all anyone really needs. :)

This doesn't seem too efficient, and it's way too high-touch for someone who just wanders into Twitter out of curiosity. You have to at least know one person's identity in order to get started with this method. I'm not sure how I would describe this process in a screencast. So dear readers, I'm wondering how you handle this one? Is there a better way you suggest to people to find Twitter friends?


Unknown said...


The process you described is exactly how I find friends in Twitter. While it is not very efficient, it is not a terrible way to find friends either. It is the same process that friends find friends in other networking tools, like Facebook and My Space (albeit they do have search functions, too).

Jonathan Davis said...

Ditto Anne's comment. That's exactly how I found friends in Twitter. It wasn't too painful.

Kevin Gamble said...

Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll make this my weekend project. Hopefully I can make something halfway useful. :)