Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Facebook and OpenID

I've had several conversations over the last few days regarding OpenID and Facebook. I just joined the Facebook OpenID group and found this on the group's information page:

Facebook also has a golden opportunity to act as an OpenID provider. From my standpoint, they are better positioned to do this than almost anyone else. They could even capitalize off such an opportunity while offering a very helpful service to their users.

Well said! As far as I'm concerned this is the only barrier to my going all-in on Facebook. The sooner this is enabled the better. There is only one excuse that an entity like Facebook can use to not supporting OpenID, and it is that repulsive and very objectionable reason that is the show-stopper. So please Facebook make this a mute issue ASAP. Show us that you really are different.

UPDATE: Had a conversation with Jason where he pointed out that we need Facebook to be a consumer of OpenIDs. He's absolutely right! He said he'll post a comment. I'm really hoping he does.


damnian said...

So what excuse is that?

Kevin Gamble said...

I purposely left that vague for a reason. Wanted people to think about the implications and come to the conclusion themselves. I may blog this some more in a few days. Would love to see people speculate some though.