Sunday, June 10, 2007

The coming mobile tsunami

The year that mobile finally catches the U.S. public's attention has been predicted for every year for at least the last five. The predictions are being made once again around the potential impact of the iPhone. Communities Dominate has a good read on this: Observe the signs of the Tsunami: Now New York Times talks of Mobile Blogging

Personally, I don't think the impact of the iPhone will be that large. Not that the iPhone doesn't appear to be awesome in every way. I would love to have one. I won't be getting one, however, as I am locked into a contract with my current provider. Even if I wasn't, I don't see myself moving to AT&T any time soon. I don't see a mass migration to AT&T occurring just so people can get an iPhone.

I do, however, think that mobile is finally starting to be taken seriously. The new trend in creating mobile savy websites is long overdue. I am loving these three sites in particular:,, and I go to these sites on my phone every single day. I look at Google Reader on my phone daily as well. I have even taken to scanning my favorite websites (of which there are very few) looking for "m" sites.

If your content isn't mobile friendly, i.e. very standard and platform neutral, you had better be prepared to bite a massively expensive bullet in the not too distant future. It's always better to do things right the first time than to spend your time and money doing expensive and time consuming repurposing after the fact.

It's also time to get very serious about making sure that your site is mobile friendly. I like this trend of building "m" sites and hope it spreads like wildfire.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin and readers of HighTouch Blog

Good comments and thank you for mentioning our blog.

I especially like the format (I wasn't aware of it). I'll promote it immediately at Forum Oxford and link to your blog. Are you a member of Forum Oxford? If not, I'll be happy to end you an invitation to the free expert discussion panel on the future of mobile (we are over 1,400 strong and post lots of comments every day, its very good discussion, you'll love it)

Tomi Ahonen :-)
4-time bestselling author

Kevin Gamble said...


Thank you for your message. Please send me an invite to the forum. It sounds very interesting.