Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who will win American Idol?

Who will it be Jordin Sparks or Blake Lewis? If you look at Inkling Markets it looks to be Jordin in a cake-walk.

But, Hitwise Intelligence has a different take: Blake Lewis Leading in Search Terms

So who do you go with? I have to admit that I have been partial to Jordin from the get-go. She is incredibly talented. I didn't, however, put down any inkles early in the competition. So if I'm investing today there's no way I put down $94 for the opportunity to earn $6. I'm going to go with the person that Google tells us has the public's interest. I'm investing $200 on Blake to win it all. This could be an incredible return on investment if the crowds are wrong.

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Floyd Davenport said...

You didn't...

I have to admit to be a Idol watcher - after the top 12 are selected, I never miss a show. Sad. I actually voted for the first time this year... During the Idol Gives Back show, I voted for Jordan. And I purchased Carrie's version of "I'll Stand By You".

However, I was really entertained by Blake. And if you go to iTunes, Blake's songs are really very good.