Tuesday, May 8, 2007

An omnivore?

I've been reading about this new Pew Internet study that wants to place our Internet usage patterns into various buckets. I always find these sorts of things entertaining, but in this case I think they were trying a little too hard.
  • Omnivore (8 percent)
  • Connector (7 percent)
  • Lackluster veteran (8 percent)
  • Productivity enhancer (8 percent)
  • Mobile Centric (10 percent)
  • Connected but hassled (10 percent)
  • Inexperienced experimenter (8 percent)
  • Light but satisfied (15 percent)
  • Indifferent (11 percent)
  • Off the network (15 percent)

So you know, I'm most definitely an omnivore.

Devoted Web 2.0 users of either gender, though usually under 30, who voraciously update personal Web pages, blogs and mashups to publicly express themselves. Likely to watch videos on an iPod or participate in a virtual world. Most social interaction takes place via instant messaging, texting and blogging via a high-speed Internet connection at home and work.

I'm clearly of either gender so they nailed that. I'm not under 30, but who's counting? Instant messaging and texting are so last year, but I'm thinking that must have been when they collected their data. So I think they got it mostly right.

I wasn't too sure I liked being called an omnivore until I looked it up in the dictionary:

One that takes in everything available, as with the mind.

Hmmmm? Couldn't they just have said that? So what are you? Did you find yourself in the list?

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