Friday, May 11, 2007

NCAA Division 1 South/Central Sprints

We're off to Oak Ridge, Tennessee for the NCAA Regionals. This may or may not be our last regatta as the parents of a collegiate athlete. Kind of sad!

It's also graduation weekend for five seniors on the team. Of course, they will not be in attendance because they will be practicing the sport that they love. We will be having a graduation "ceremony" this evening in a room at their hotel.

These kids sacrifice a lot to be athletes. No one sees the hours of year-round training, the aching bodies, the pressure of constant competition, the getting up at 5a six days a week to practice, the hours and hours of travel. No one cuts them any slack in the classroom. It's very hard work.

On the other hand, they have opportunities that every student should be so fortunate to experience. There is a lot of good in collegiate athletics. If your child is fortunate enough to make it to this level it doesn't get much better. It's been worth every sacrifice.


Unknown said...

Great picture and your comments are so true. Collegiate athletes do give up a lot, but they will take away some great experiences. Athletes who are not part of the big three programs (here that's football, basketball, and baseball) certainly do not get the recognition they deserve. I will definitely share your post with my daughter who is still trying to decide whether to pursue swimming.

Please post tweets so we can keep up with the competitions. AND Good Luck this weekend!

Kevin Gamble said...

Thank you for your comment Anne. Much appreciated! This could be a bit of an emotional weekend.

I too love that photo. It was taken on a day with horrendous conditions which are only partially captured in the photo--you can tell it's cold and windy. It was windy enough to be dangerous and in all honesty they shouldn't have been on the water. There's been more than one rower who has drowned in these sorts of conditions on the Potomac. The other thing you can see is the temperature. It was hovering just above 30 and there was snow on the ground.

I will definitely post some tweets.Each boat races twice today.

I sure hope your daughter decides to continue with her swimming. Where collegiate athletics is tough -- I think my daughter would tell her that it has been worth all the work.

Kevin Gamble said...

Hehe, I forgot to mention my favorite part about the photo. If you look at the full size photo you can see that in spite of the awful conditions, almost every young woman in the boat is smiling.