Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More Google Reader lag discussion

My initial discussion of the unacceptable lag of Google Reader was conducted via Twitter. Both Sam Harrelson: CostPerNews and I took the discussion to our blogs. Being that he has more comments, I thought I would point you in his direction:

I’ve been having a Twitter conversation with k1v1n on Twitter over the use of Google Reader. I have to say that I (as has k1v1n) been completely frustrated with the lag time of Google Reader.

Basically, it takes WAY too long for Google Reader to grab feeds and get them to me.

As I told k1v1n, I like my feeds like my coffee… instant! So, I switched back to the Liferea feed reader, which is a Gnome friendly reader (since I use Ubuntu Linux full time).

I found Sam's posting because I was wondering why the Technorati ranking for my Twitter page took such a large jump. :) I'm committed to the idea that the day my Twitter page outranks my blog I will close her down for good.

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