Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Google IG becomes iGoogle

I guess Google didn't like me asking what the IG stood for in Google IG. Besides asking the question here I also submitted it to Yahoo! Answers. I didn't receive a single answer although one person did speculate as to its meaning.

So, no sooner do we decide that it stands for "Instant Gratification" that Google up and renames it. I had no idea that my merely asking the question could cause them to act so quickly. Where I think the new name might get confused with Apple products it's hard to go wrong with a proven naming strategy: iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iGoogle...

I'm glad they listened to me and corrected this situation. This blogging is powerful stuff.

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Floyd Davenport said...

I use iGoogle...even added one of the new gadgets for counting down till Mother's Day (see if it helps).

Anyway, I'm on a campus portal committee and while I still strongly believe in Portal technologies, I'm very interested in distributed models... I want to know where this will go and what the standards will be.