Saturday, May 26, 2007

Facebook much like Second Life

Fred Stutzman at Unit Structures, The Facebook Platform: Analysis:
Ultimately, I think the Second Life metaphor is the one that sticks best to the Facebook Platform. Facebook has opened its doors in a way that Myspace has never dreamed of. In doing so, they've created a marketplace of ideas that will benefit the company and the community. They have realized that to create a thriving community, and ecosystem must be fostered. Facebook Platform is that ecosystem, well-positioning the company for its inevitable growth.

In case you were wondering, when I said this about Facebook's new platform it was absolutely a Second Life comparison:

The plan is to build in-world services so that the inhabitants never have to leave. It sure looks to me like the Web equivalent of the PUD.

Fred also had this to say about higher education and Facebook:

Higer (sic) Ed, its time to colonize: Of course, the last people who will develop Facebook platform applications will be Higher Ed, which moves as fast as a glacier on things like this. This is a shame, because Higher Ed has every incentive to participate. Why? This is the prime digital space for your constituents. Higher Ed should look at developing useful, need-answering places in Facebook. Give me a page with the academic calendar, links to Blackboard and student services, give me messages from time to time. Higher Ed can do all of this without worrying about FERPA or anything else. I'd also like to see alumni associations look into this - its extremely relevant and useful for the alumni context.

On this I totally agree. We should not be about trying to build communities in higher education. The communities already exist. We need to be about engaging the learners in their own space.

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