Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Facebook: Game over?

I've been reading with great interest all of the talk about Facebook and their big announcement scheduled for Thursday. The bottom-line is, how many personalities does the non-schizophrenic person have? Exactly! So how many profiles do they need?

I've become completely and totally fed-up with sites that ask me to create profiles. I could make a long list of all of the sites that have asked. I do all of them sort of half-assed, just enough to get into the site, see what they have to offer, and then I almost never go back. I did this twice just yesterday. I'm sick of creating profiles. I only need one! I'm also sick of creating accounts. I want one login that I can use everywhere--OpenID please!

This desire for one profile extends to my professional life as well. I was seriously considering this when I saw this mentioned in Andrew McAfee's blog:

All of which got me thinking—isn’t this very close to what employes (sic) within a company also want to do? And if so, doesn’t Facebook provide a demonstrably powerful, popular, and easy-enough-to-use infrastructure for doing it?

Yes it does. Facebook is a killer application. I've been watching its rise in popularity with great interest: Facebook Visits up 106% Since Opening Up in September. Why would anyone try to recreate this sort of magic within an enterprise when they can just use Facebook? Well, they can't just use Facebook--right now.

My fantasy announcement for Thursday is for Facebook to make this possible. I so want to be able to say, "Just use Facebook!" I am so hoping that Thursday's announcement makes this a realistic alternative for the enterprise. Please, please, please no roach motel. Make this open, make this something we can use, make this as big as it can be. Facebook could be to profiles what Google is to search. Huge! Do this right, and I'm all-in.

Here's my Facebook profile.

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