Monday, May 14, 2007

CBS getting the Web

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on a story that I first commented on back on April 16: CBS totally gets it!
CBS Corp. plans to pursue a strategy that involves syndicating its entertainment, news and sports video to as much of the Web as possible, the Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site on Monday.

9:01am sees it the same way: CBS gets the web, finally

As I said before:

If you want a glimpse of where the world is headed this is it. This is the come-to-me Web at its best. If you are a content creator you should seriously consider borrowing heavily from this CBS strategy.

I'm glad to see some people have taken note of this story. This is big stuff. This is a "content" strategy that will scale. Gutsy move by CBS that everyone else will be pursuing in the not too distance future.

UPDATE: lostremote covers the story as well: CBS aggressively expands video all over the web.

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