Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech memorial in Second Life

Please visit the Virginia Tech memorial in Second Life and get your Hokie t-shirt for wearing this Friday.

On Friday, April 20, 2007, there is to be a nationwide "Orange & Maroon Effect" day, a symbol of "Hokie Hope." This initiative was declared by VT alumni. It is a day for people across the nation and world to show Hokie spirit and stand united with the university.

All proceeds benefit the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund.

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ricky said...

The outcry over Nas' inclusion in the lineup for a free Virginia Tech concert further exposes the social stigma that's been attached to hip-hop. Outraged parents of seven of the deceased students argue that inviting Nas to the concert shows a lack of respect for the massacre's victims. His lyrics, they claim, "are indicative of the moral decay in our society that contributes to acts of violence." A spokesman for the families added that, "For a university official to condone it or to be clueless of what this person's track record is unconscionable beyond belief."

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