Friday, April 6, 2007

QOTD: Mukund Mohan

From Mukund Mohan at The Future of Communities Blog:
The interesting part is that now with RSS, you no longer have to be at the “website of the provider” but read and access that content within Google reader or My Yahoo or Newsgator. So, then the obvious point is the only thing that a subscriber sees is your content - NOT your BRAND.

See Google Juice:

Yes, content at the top matters more.

It blows my mind how many sites get thrown into duplicate content hell just because the top 30 lines of content on every page are a nav bar, a company name, slogan, and login form. It is ridiculous. Nevertheless, on one of our major properties we moved the “tags” for the article to the top of the content of the page, rather than the bottom. Rankings skyrocketed.

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