Sunday, April 1, 2007

QOTD: Alfie Kohn

This Alfie Kohn quote was found in the Harvard Education Letter (thanks to Johnnie Moore):
The notion of accountability, in theory, doesn't disturb me. But these days, accountability has come to be a code word for more control over what happens in classrooms by people who are not in classrooms. And it has approximately the same effect on learning that a noose has on breathing

And therein lies the problem with the way that most Learning Management Systems are being deployed. They are built and designed by people who are not in the classroom. They are not about learning, they are about control (Blackboard nails student engagement).

This is why open source solutions like Moodle are so important. Perhaps a system designed by the community, the whole community, can stop some of this nonsense. It's nice to see the use of Moodle with its social constructionist pedagogy gathering steam. Not that it isn't capable of being misused as well.

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