Monday, April 16, 2007

Online outreach

This was shared with me today via It's from a slideshow by Sarah Houghton-Jan, MA, MLIS of the San Mateo County Library. She was speaking about online outreach.

  • Your users are out there: where the $%#@ are you?
  • It is arrogance of the worst kind to expect them to come to us.
  • We need to put ourselves out where they already are.
  • Online, everyone's patrons are your patrons.
  • Otherwise, we lose and libraries become quaint mockeries of our former glory.


LibrarianInBlack said...

Thanks for the link to my presentation. It's something I gave at the last Internet Librarian conference, and have repeated a number of times since then. Online marketing in general is a hot topic, including for libraries.

Kevin Gamble said...

Thank you! It hit close to home to me. I hope it's a message that is being well received!