Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ISTE presentation on Suffern Middle School

Maggie Marat (aka Peggy Sheehy in RL) gave a very informative presentation last night at the ISTE Skypark on her experiences in creating Ramapo Islands for the Suffern Middle School in Second Life. It's just amazing to me how good these presentations can be when the mode of communication is slides and chat. There is something about attending these events having all the avatars sitting around that makes it so much richer. I'm not sure why that is but it flat-out works.

At the Skypark they have some interesting cubes for attendees to sit. They contain an animation that allows you to raise your hand when you have a question. Here's a snapshot of me asking a question last night:

Here is my favorite quote from the presentation:

[18:41] Maggie Marat: we have had very few issues with behavior and only 1 student out of 400 had to be banned for a week (those watermelon launchers were a bad idea)

Second Life is so much fun! I hope the good folks at Suffern MS fully appreciate what a gem they have in Maggie Marat.

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