Sunday, April 15, 2007

How did you get started twittering?

I first learned about Twitter from listening to this podcast of a presentation made by Ryan Frietas at the Adaptive Path User Experience Conference. I'm wondering how others first learned about Twitter? I'm going to pose this question to Twitter and see if it gets any response. A Twitter survey (TS)? I posed a question to Twitter once before: Twitter to crush Yahoo! Answers?, and did get responses. So it's time for another installment of Twitter Answers (TA). This time I'm hoping the question will spread across the Twitterverse. Keep your eyes on the tag cloud.

BTW, every person in my immediate work group is twittering now. I'm making the assumption that they learned about Twitter from me? Back in January I issued this challenge:
Will Twig start blogging before July 1, 2007? Once we've accomplished that we'll change our focus to Jason: Will Jason start twittering before December 2007?

In response to this challenge Jason was heard to say something about a snowball and purgatory. As it turns out he wasn't even the last one in our group to start. :) He started twittering in March. The last holdout was Ben who sent his first tweet this past Thursday.

I'm still less than optimistic that we will succeed in convincing Twig to begin blogging before July. Maybe we could count her twittering as a microblog and declare success?

How did you get started? Tell us with a tweet.

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