Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So the Google Personalized Homepage is also known as GoogleIG. Can anyone tell me what the IG stands for? It's driving me nuts. I seriously considered asking Yahoo! Answers.


Anonymous said...

My first thought was a play on ID ... and didn't turn up anything. Let me know what you find out.

And, if you have any advice to new bloggers -- please drop a few words in the comments:

Kevin Gamble said...

Not a single idea on GoogleIG. So, I'm going to ask Yahoo! Answers.

I'll post some blogging thoughts later today.

Anonymous said...

Well, did find out yet? Curious minds want to know!

Kevin Gamble said...

Not a single idea. I actually did ask on Yahoo! Answers and got not a single answer.

So, I have decided that from now on it is Google Instant Gratification (GoogleIG). :)