Monday, April 16, 2007

CBS totally gets it!

CBS has made a major announcement on how they plan to distribute their content through every conceivable Internet outlet (except Google). If you want a glimpse of where the world is headed this is it. This is the come-to-me Web at its best. If you are a content creator you should seriously consider borrowing heavily from this CBS strategy.

As a follow-on to my post last week on personalized-homepages I found this nugget buried deep in the article:
Netvibes will today launch four personalizable CBS "universes" (for CBS News, ShowBuzz, CSTV and SportsLine respectively) on what it calls its "Netvibes Universe Network," a service which it says is designed to let consumers collect, customize and share rich media content online. It will also publish CBS content on its Netvibes Ecosystem, a collection of user-generated feeds, modules, and personalized homepages.

This is what de-portilization is all about. As more content producers follow suit this will spell the end of the homepage as we have known it.

What are the potential ramifications of this trend for educators?

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