Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another government agency wasting your tax dollars in Second Life (snark on)

Government Computing News has an interesting read on the Department of Homeland Security's plans for a training environment in Second Life: Big brother is watching you?
Before the paranoid run and hide, they are considered to be using it for first response planning and training sessions. Like so many organisations the DHS training programmes is in partnership with individuals, companies and agencies from around the world, and SL provides a cheap (not to mention carbon-friendly way) to get these people together regularly. In addition the DHS plans a huge range of disaster contingencies on table-top exercises. These involve a lot of people travelling for a significant amount of time, and a fair amount of wasted time resetting the situation. Having a private island with roll-back facilities and it's a matter of a few clicks, and less travel, and so more efficient training.

It's not only about "big" situations either. In SL it's easy enough to get a team, say firefighters battling biohazard spills, and run them through the planned responses to see how well they work. It won't ever replace the real thing, but it lets you catch any howling errors without putting people's life at risk.

How cool is that? It's nice to see that we have some progressive thinkers in our Federal government.

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