Thursday, March 22, 2007

YubNub: The stars are aligning

I can feel that my pushing of YubNub is starting to pay off and the ground-swell of adoption is starting to build. I have three pieces of evidence. First, there was this posted yesterday to Twitter:

As if this wasn't enough, check out this Google Trends chart from yesterday:

As you can see from this graph the blogosphere is clearly a twitter about YubNub. The marketshare for YubNub was up 1112% this past week. Where it is still a niche technology, and is several weeks from jumping the shark, the magnitude of the trend line cannot be denied. The writing is on the wall and the breakout is coming. Where I don't think Google has anything to worry about just yet, there is much to be concerned about in the Yahoo and Livesearch camps.

Given all that, it was this last piece of evidence which brought the whole YubNub movement home for me. While chatting with someone yesterday they accidentally entered this into my chat window:

Ahhhh haaaa! Another closet YubNubber. What more evidence do you need?

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