Thursday, March 15, 2007

Your destination Web sites?

Where do you go, every day? I've been thinking about destination Web sites and how they are so toast. This thinking mostly stems from this Stowe Boyd post on traffic and flow from earlier this week.

I realized that I don't "go" to hardly any sites anymore. The only site I would land on is if I was directed there by a search. Thomas Vander Wal is the person who summed this up for me the best with his concept of the come to me Web .

We used to set a homepage. Now I have a group of tabs and almost never venture beyond these six sites. Mine are:

  • Gmail
  • Google Reader
  • Google Docs and Spreadsheets
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Personalized Homepage
  • Blogger (yep Google. I go here to fix and tag my blog posts.)
  • Netvibes
That's it. Everything else comes to me through feeds.

Eventually I will settle on either my Google personalized home page or Netvibes. I think I still use Netvibes as some sort of resistance to total submission to all things Google.

What "destination" Web sites do you visit on a daily basis?


Anonymous said...

Generally, I live in my feedreader and click through to leave a comment or bookmark something in The only site I go to every day (and I can't imagine not going to) is flickr. My experience of that site --- because of the communities I participate in there -- would not be the same via feeds, emails, or other notification pings.

Those things work very well everywhere else. Hell, one of the things twitter demonstrates is that you can sustain community via widget. I agree destinations sites are toast, because destination sites tend to set out to be destination sites first. Destination sites are about "them" not about "me" or "us" -- which is why it feels wrong to cite flickr as an example of a destination site. It is as a technicality, not in spirit.

Kevin Gamble said...

Thank you for your comment.

I wouldn't think of Flickr as a typical destination Web site either. You leave traces of yourself there -- you just aren't consuming what someone else decided you should consume. Spirit is all that matters. :)

BillyWarhol said...

i like Original Signals for staying up to date on Web2.0 stuff*


Yeah Flickr is my destination site too*

well said jspad* ;))

it's where all my friendz are & where U get comments & there's real Social interaction*

Blogs tend to be Dead Zones - no comments no nothing*

Kevin Gamble said...

Well, I looked at Original Signals -- nice aggregation -- and I immediately subscribed. Did I miss a reason to go back there?