Friday, March 9, 2007

Write once publish everywhere

The A VC blog has a good read on how hard it is being a publisher today: How to widget. Where it is mostly about the coming explosion in widget-based viewing, you must study this graphic. Yikes!

This directly relates to my last post, sorry I'm in a rut, but this is an extremely important thing going on here. The world as we have known it is changing rapidly. If you're still building destination Web sites you're wasting your time and energy. The strategy going forward is getting your content on as many other "channels" as possible. The future is disaggregated.
But things don't stand still. You need to do more everyday to keep up with all the changes afoot. And one of the biggest changes out there is the world of distributed media. Feeds, widgets, embed codes, apis, and other tools that allow the publisher to make their content available on other pages. You have to do this, it's critical and it's way more than just getting your content on my daughter's MySpace page. The web is disaggregating itself and reassembling itself in front of our very eyes as users take control of more pages on the web every day.

The user is in control. Period. It's all that matters.

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