Thursday, March 1, 2007

The wifi desert

I slept right through a significant technology anniversary and forgot to mention it. The big event was on February 23rd. That was the one year anniversary since I'd authored anything using Word. It was back in October when I first realized that I had changed the way I write:
So my question, if you‘re writing for online consumption why would you use a tool made for putting words on paper? Seems like serious overkill. Every time I hear, “write it in your word processor and just cut-and-paste” I‘m left scratching my head. Why not use a more appropriate and lighter-weight tool? I‘m thinking word processing as we have known it is obsolete.
I also remarked recently that I couldn't remember the last time I'd used my computer when I wasn't connected to a network.
If I am offline then I am offline. I cannot remember a single time in the last three years (or so) where I have used my computer when not connected to the network.
Well, that changed last weekend at the Beyond Broadcast conference when I was suddenly thrust into the wifi desert.

Disconnected from the network I pulled up Textmate and started taking notes. How sad is that? At least I didn't break the Word streak.

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