Sunday, March 18, 2007

Twitter Maps

This Twitter Maps application is very cool. Basically what it does is turn Twitter into a geo-location as well as presence tool. Here are the instructions:
How can I easily change my location on the map?
Simply send a Twitter update that includes 'L:' followed by your location. Examples: 'Going to the office. L:3000 6th Ave, New York', 'L:Rouen, France', 'L:Disneyland', 'L:Las Vegas, NV', 'L:EWR', 'L:90210', 'L:30.010,-90.007'. There is no need to specify lat:, long: when giving coordinates.
Can I update between home, work, the bar, school, etc?
Yep! Now you can define location macros which you can use to quickly update your position.
  • L:home=517 Spruce Ln, Lenexa, KS 60502
  • L:work=300 Alameda Parkway, San Jose, CA 92012
  • L:sarahs=Rue Ducasse 75, Paris, France
  • L:tim's=Auguststrasse 5, Berlin, Germany
  • L:parents=Burnside Cr, Melbourne
  • L:owl bar=1000 Charles St, Baltimore, MD 20507
  • L:school=3700 University Blvd, Berkeley, CA 95010
Once these are setup you can move from place simply by including 'L:home' or 'L:work' in your updates! Now it's easier than ever to update your position!

Once the macros are set up you're ready to let people know not only what you're doing but where you are doing it. Now, when I want you to know where I'm at I can tell you, e.g. "At coffee. L:Royal Bean".

Kind of fun.

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