Sunday, March 11, 2007

Second Life stuff

The Second Life News Network tells us that there are several new SL books coming. Woo hoo! I've read Second Life: The Official Guide. If you're a newbie it's not bad, and it's got some great stuff on the history and early days. I learned a lot, and it's definitely worth reading, but we need more.

Of the three new books I'm very interested in the one by Aimee Weber (aka Alyssa LaRoche) and Catherine Omega (aka Catherine Winters), The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life. I can just hope that some of their talent rubs off. This book is not due to be released until August?

Also, Sarah Robins (Intellagirl) is working on Second Life for Dummies. Don't know when this will be coming out, but she'll be speaking at UNC a week from this Monday. I have a lot of people in the Triangle who read my blog so I figured it was worth a mention. I'll be there for sure.
Creating Authentic and Engaging Community-Oriented Learning Spaces: Using Second Life in Higher Education Classrooms
Who: Sarah "Intellagirl" Robbins, Ph.D. Candidate, Ball State University
March 26, 2007, 11AM-12PM
Where: Room 205, UNC Undergrad Library*
*Due to the popularity this talk, we may change to room that can hold more people, so this is a tentative location. In any case, it is recommended that you arrive early to be guaranteed a seat.
Note: We will be working on broadcasting this talk into Second Life.

UNC continues to bring interesting speakers to our backyard. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, Kevin. Looking forward to meeting you!

Kevin Gamble said...

Thank you Sarah. It's mutual for sure!