Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grokking participatory conversational media

Rex Hammock has posted his notes from the SXSW conference on a panel he participated, User generated content and original editorial: friend or foe. Where I found his notes interesting, what really caught my attention was this post-panel observation:
While I liked the people on the panel and they are experts on the topic, if you are familiar with the whole “user-generated-content” space, skip reading the following. Indeed, I will never again attend a panel on the topic of “user-generated-content.” If you want to learn about participatory, conversational media, don’t waste your time listening to people on a panel. Frankly, it is beyond ironic. You can only get it by doing it — or having a conversation about it.

I've been having this same thought quite a bit of late. It's not enough just to see how this stuff works. To get it you have to live it. What is going on now is so very different, and unless you're actually immersed in it, I don't see how you can possibly grok it. It's more about culture than technology, and I don't think you can get culture by taking an anthropological approach -- unless perhaps you are an anthropologist.


Rex Hammock said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Just for clarification: I attended the panel but I wasn't on it. However, I've been on plenty of such panels and think even listening to me is a waste of other people's time -- entertaining, perhaps, ;) but they should be adding comments on people's blogs rather than hearing others talking about it.

Kevin Gamble said...

Sorry I misinterpreted your role, but your blog post was still right on the money. Thank you for your comment!

I do like the idea of diving in with doing comments in blogs. Sort of a gateway tech to full blown blogging... Hard to find an excuse for not at least doing that.