Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My new tag cloud generator

One of the main reasons I moved to Blogger was that Roller didn't support tagging. I had a tag cloud up for a little time last week until a confidant started asking me some questions about how the cloud was generated. Details, geez! It didn't take long for me to figure out that it was a fake tag cloud, a concordance actually, so I immediately took it down.

I went searching for another solution and found this nice tag cloud code thanks to phydeaux3: Setup and configuration for Blogger in Beta Label Clouds. This is very nice, and the install was a breeze. I need to do some more playing with some of the formatting options, but for now I'm a happy person.

While I was looking at the pydeaux3 site, however, I came across this: New Blogger Feed Sorting....uh Sorted:
One thing many people did not like about New Blogger was a new "feature" of the feeds. In New Blogger, when a past entry is edited then it goes to the front of the feed. In other words, the feed is sorted by updated status rather than published.

This was by design by the Blogger folks, and depending on your situation is useful. There are good reasons to give the feed the updated content. But it differs from what most people are used to, and how most feed readers work. And much outcry has come from bloggers affected by this. People have been trying different work arounds (using Pipes, or going through other feed sorters) to stop this behavior

Oooh, this is exactly what I have been looking for. I've been wanting to go back and tag some of my old postings, but I didn't want to spam my feed with a bunch of trivial updates. I've also been wanting to go back and fix the line spacing issues that Ben, our UI person told me not to worry about. I've tried to ignore it but seriously it's driving me nuts. Now I can fix them in private. Great stuff!

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