Monday, March 12, 2007

Does Twitter have substance?

Duncan Riley asks: Does Twitter have substance? Understanding the latest in Web 2.0 hype:
We already live in a feature and content rich society in whichinformation overload isn’t theory, it’s an every day problem. Why then would sane people want to add yet another layer of information input when most of usstruggle to cope as it is? As a contributer to the site, why would I want to post my every thought to Twitter when doing so takes me away from doing work of more substance? As a content creator why would I want to create content that only benefits a 3rd party site? After all Twitter is a hosted solution, not a platform like WordPress. As a reader, do I really want to know or even care about the latest off the cuff thought from Robert Scoble or other users for that matter?
Then he follows up with this question:
...and sell me on why Twitter is the best thing since sliced bread?

My answer: The Twitter phenomenon has almost nothing to do with the content of the posts although some humor doesn't hurt. It has everything to do with presence. It's more like an IM away message than a blog posting.

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