Thursday, March 22, 2007 feed reader traffic

From the delicious blog:
Did you know that well over half of the requests seen by are for RSS feeds? That means that people cruising around our site in browsers are actually in the minority, when it comes down to raw traffic. Instead, our heaviest hitters include personalized home pages, desktop news aggregators, and even stranger things.

Between search, syndication feeds, widgets, and stranger things (:)) the world of the Web as we have known it is being radically transformed. I love the priorities that delicious is placing on making their feeds richer.

I've been looking into how our feeds are used and how to better streamline and present our information in different contexts. These improvements include features like:
  • including tag descriptions in feed titles and descriptions where available;
  • offering the ability to save bookmarks straight from your feed reader;
  • displaying an up-to-date count of saves, without making items appear new again in feed readers;
  • building more useful feed content with links to people, tags, and more bookmark details;
  • providing more metadata where it seems useful, or less where it appears redundant.

Great stuff! Can't wait until this stuff starts rolling out.

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