Friday, March 9, 2007

Comparing Second Life to Twitter

I would have never considered putting Second Life and Twitter in the same class of social interaction, but this makes total sense. From the EirePreneur:
This is what a lot of doubting Thomases don't seem to get about Second Life - that it's delivering exciting new solutions for virtual congregation. The explosion in popularity of Twitter demonstrates how people take naturally to Ambient Socialization. And Second Life, while admittedly requiring more effort and time to use, can take that to another level.
I have to admit that these two sites have consumed my attention of late. I never thought to consider that it was the exact same phenomenon. They are so very different. One requires you to type short text messages, and the other is totally immersive and demands the full amount of your attention bandwidth, but they're playing to the same effect. Very interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Well I guess we all use these online services differently Kevin but for me, personally, they're about 'Ambient Socialization'. Working as a freelancer, in the countryside, I really appreciate the opportunity they afford me to join people at the virtual watercooler.