Thursday, February 1, 2007

World Stock Exchange opens today

The World Stock Exchange opens in Second Life today offering shares in 15 inworld businesses. The Second Life News Network has the story:

When the The World Stock Exchange (WSE) opens again on Friday, these nine IPOs will be trading along with six more expected to launch, according to WSE director, LukeConnell Vendeverre.
The companies represent a diverse range of sectors within the Second Life economy, including employment agencies, casino operators and venture capitalists.
This sort of stuff cracks me up. Of course, I will be investing some of the Lindens I‘ve made in the real estate business just to see how this works. Of the nine IPOs, I like PeoplePool.
PeoplePool(PPL) is an emerging SL employment agency. It aims to be SL's premier recruiter by the end of 2007. Erik Goff, the CEO of PeoplePool, anticipates tremendous growth for the organization. The capital raised will be put towards tier, personnel and advertising costs. PeoplePool has released 369,887 shares at $1L in its IPO.
I don‘t think you can ever go wrong investing in people, and I know from our own experience that finding talented 2L artists, designers, and coders is no small task. Of course, I know zilch about the management of this business so it will be a modest investment. I‘m mostly playing.

Now, how long before we start seeing inworld pump-and-dump? Hey, have you heard about this business called PeoplePool that trades on the WSE? I hear they‘re going to blow away their earnings estimate…

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