Saturday, February 10, 2007

WikiPedia folding?

This is nuts, from Network World reporting on the comments of Florence Devouard, chairwoman of the Wikimedia Foundation regarding the Foundation‘s financial status, Wikipedia: On the brink? Or crying wolf?

When you think about the impact that Wikipedia has had upon our society, not all of it good, certainly, it's astounding that the organization tasked with keeping it afloat has to resort to bake sales and begging. When last we checked in on Wikipedia's fundraising efforts they were closing in on a $1 million, with the current total about $1.1 million. They say they need $5 million a year to sustain operations.
What a stupid comment! Bake sales? Let‘s do the math. The WikiMedia foundation just raised $1.1 million in one month. I have no doubt they (we) could do that every single month. But we don‘t need to raise that much every month. We only need to raise a mere $4.25k. So what gives? What‘s behind the ridiculous remarks by Florence Devouard? I don‘t care about context. I want to know what sort of games are being played. Setting up a move to allow advertising on the WikiMedia sites?

The community is dead-set against advertising. Remember the straw vote in Frankfurt? Please do not mess with the community. Do that and you are toast.

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