Sunday, February 18, 2007

Question: Ecto versus Google Docs and Spreadsheets?

I‘ve been setting up my new blog at I‘m almost ready to make the switchover. The only thing left to do is to export/import my posts from this site. I‘ve fooled around with a couple of test posts, but that‘s the extent of content there right now. Today could be the day I move, however.

One of the main reasons I‘m making the move is to be able to tag my postings. I‘m also wanting to use a more robust editor, which the NC State blog hosting service does not support. I was all excited about using Ecto after hearing glowing reviews from our resident geeks. Then I read this review of several blogging editors in a head-to-head comparison. Included in the mix was Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Seems the only rap on Google D&S was that you couldn‘t use it offline. Offline editing is a feature that I will never use. If I am offline then I am offline. I cannot remember a single time in the last three years (or so) where I have used my computer when not connected to the network.

So, if I don‘t care about offline is there anything better than Google D&S? Especially considering that I am using Blogger as the host? I‘m thinking not, but I‘m open to being convinced.

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