Thursday, February 1, 2007

Open-access to scientific publishing

Mark Oehlert: e-Clippings and I had a bit of a disagreement over my last post concerning LMOSs. He urged me to go read his blog, and I did. He didn't convince me on the LMOSs, but I did find another post where he and I are in complete and total agreement. DEATH to the Old School Model of Academic Publishing!! Grab the torches!!:

I also applaud and support the efforts of the Public Library of Science (PLoS) to end this kind of stranglehold on research. Read some of the articles (here, here, here) and then someone freaking explain to me how publishers can hire marketing firms and lobbyists to attempt to prevent research that is funded with public money from being made freely available to the freaking public THAT PAID FOR IT!!! Holy Cow! The gall, the unmitigated gall of these freaking dinosaurs to try to restrict the flow not of free information but information that is ALREADY PAID FOR is just beyond the pale.
Amen, well said, and tons of other superlatives Mark! We have found some common ground: Open Access in Scientific Publishing: Where are the land-grants?

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