Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Netvibes Lorem Ipsum generator

I was reading this post at Franticindustries: 13 most useful Netvibes modules:
I’m a Netvibes junkie. I have over 10 tabs with 4 columns each, over 200 feeds in total and over 20 different modules on top. I don’t think it’s overkill. The whole idea of Netvibes is to put everything you need on a single customizable page, so that you can access all of it from anywhere... These are the 13 Netvibes modules that I use regularly and can’t imagine my (Netvibes) life without them.
I found these interesting, but a different mix from my own. I was actually surprised that I had 47 feeds installed being that I am a Google Reader junkie. I had no idea, but I actually use them. I realized that these were the "big feeds", things like Digg, and personal ones like Technorati and Google Blog Search. So they stay.

There was one in Stan's list that I didn't have, however, and it was one I was wanting just yesterday. If you read one of my test posts from when I was putting together this site you would have seen my opining for this tool. So when I found it today I immediately installed it. The Lorem Ipsum generator:

How cool is that? If you were looking for a good reason to adopt Netvibes your search is over. What is your killer Netvibes module?

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