Thursday, February 22, 2007

Integrated Media and Beyond Broadcast conferences

I'm in Boston the next two days to attend the Integrated Media Association's Public Media conference, and am staying on another day for a session on Beyond Broadcasting to be held at MIT.

I am a bit of a fish-out-of-water, as this conference is mostly for people working in public radio and television. Being an academic, I'm sure I will be observing from a slightly different perspective. That said, I plan to dive into the sessions, attend everything possible, and capture some reflections here in the blog.

I have to admit to a certain bias going in. I'm feeling like I am attending a conference for an industry where the world has passed them by. Of course, the same thing is being said about many of our more entrenched and respected establishments; e.g. higher education. So it is a positive that this conference is squarely focused on how the world of the media is changing, and how public radio and television fit into the mix. Too many of our older institutions have spent their time and energy trying to protect their antiquated business models through legislation and the courts. It's very refreshing to see this conference focused on change and adaptation from within. This kind of radical transformation is not easily accomplished.

I'm anxious to experience the next three days, and observe as these venerable institutions struggle with reinventing themselves and discovering their relevance in this post networked world.

Tomorrow, besides attending the plenary sessions, I will primarily be attending two tracks: one on social media and the other on research. Of course, I have a keen interest in all things social, and like many of you, I'm trying to get my arms around the quickly changing world of Web metrics. I'm hoping I learn lots.

Look for some posts here tomorrow, and possibly some live blogging on my Twitter pages.

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