Thursday, February 15, 2007

I can quit blogging now...

My good friend Larry has picked up the Education 2.0 mantra so I can quit now: Delivering Education in the Flat World. He totally groks the technology:

The use and popularity of wikis, blogs, and syndication feeds has become the norm through which many people retrieve the information they are looking for. They use Google to search for what they want, not someone's prescribed navigational structure. They use Wikipedia to learn about subjects, even though Wikipedia itself may not be the real repository of the information, but a "tour guide" of sorts to finding it. They subscribe to syndicated feeds of content to keep abreast of recent developments.
Larry started blogging six posts ago. Wow, it‘s taken me two years to say what he said in this one post. Nice stuff!

As an aside, Larry was person #3 from the dinner last month to start blogging. I had no idea of my power of persuasion, but it definitely makes me smile. That leaves Twig as the only holdout from the infamous meal. She‘s had mitigating circumstances so I will issue her an indefinite no-cost extension. So the pressure is temporarily off, and I promise not to mention it here in the blog ever again. Which works being that I am quitting. (NOT!)

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