Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Forcing myself to use YubNub

Last week I wrote about search engine plugins and wondered which ones people had installed. In the process of writing that post I rediscovered YubNub on my list and realized that it was all I really needed:
Finally, I think my most obscure plugin is probably YubNub which offers you a command-line interface to search. Every time I use it I realize it is the only search plugin I need. It does it all. So why don‘t I clean house and remove all the others and force myself to use it? Dang, that‘s a good question. Done.
Well, it's only been a week but I have to say this was a most excellent decision. I love YubNub! The transition was painless. The only thing I needed to know was the command to show me the commands for a particular search engine. For example ls technorati gives you the various commands available for searching Technorati.

I also discovered this nifty little Netvibes module for YubNub so I now have it installed front-and-center on my Netvibes page.

My only complaint on YubNub is that it occasionally feels a little slow. Not slow enough to make me use something else, however.

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